About Phe-nx

Phe-nx is an innovative high-tech company based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Eindhoven is the crucible of Electron Microscopy with its origins at Philips Electron Optics during the middle of the last century. Phe-nx was founded in 2021 by seasoned electron microscopy experts. The NANOS has been developed by passionate innovators with an extensive network and deep-understanding of EM technology and engineering. All together the team has more than 200+ years EM experience with Philips, FEI, Phenom & ThermoFisher.

tabletop SEM

Our philosophy

Our mission is to make SEM accessible for anyone, everywhere. Driven by passion and experience a new generation tabletop SEM has been created. During development of the NANOS the latest insights and smart engineering have been used. The latest technology makes the NANOS comprehensive and affordable. Engineered by a team with broad experience, completely dedicated to the tabletop SEM, has resulted in the NANOS. A robust and high quality SEM; the next generation tabletop SEM.
Engineered in Europe, designed for the World.

The team

phe-nx team

Emile Asselbergs


Karel van der Mast


Richard Geschiere


Hans Vriend